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Please read chapter 14 and write an interview follow-up message (see example on page 468)

Please read chapter 14 Interviewing and Following Up and choose one of the following questions to answer in 250 words or more:

1. Why do you think so many employers search for information about job applicants online using Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other online tools? Do you think these kinds of searches are ethical or appropriate? Isnt this similar to snooping?

2. What can you do to appear professional when a potential employer contacts you by phone for a screening interview or to schedule a job interview?

3. If you are asked an illegal interview question, why is it important to first assess the intentions of the interviewer?

4. Why is it a smart strategy to thank an interviewer, to follow up, and even to send a rejection follow-up message? Are any risks associated with this strategy?

5. Should you try to inflate your previous salary in a job interview to receive a higher offer if, for example, you believe you were worth more than what you were paid or if you were about to get a raise?


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