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Analyze XYZ Company’s data to address the objectives given in the assignment description.

Deliverable: Write a report for the client that summarizes the results of your analyses and provides recommendations for targeting. Provide both a statistical and financial analysis of these methods. The report should be a double-spaced nine (9) page, maximum paper, all inclusive.  Note that you need not use all nine pages.

Submit to this link: Paper with statistical graphics in Adobe Acrobat pdf.  Make sure your last name is at the beginning of the file name, and that “solo-3” is included in the name.

Note: Late submissions of this assignment will not be accepted, i.e. an assignment submitted late will not be worth any points towards your course grade.

You would need the following files for Solo 3:

Project Description File: Predict450Solo3ProjectDescription.pdfPreview the document

Experian Data Dicionary (pdf): Experian Data Dictionary.pdfPreview the document

Data Dictionary (Excel): XYZ_Data Dictionaries.xlsPreview the document

Data Dictionary (PDF): XYZ_Data Dictionaries.pdfPreview the document

Data File – Complete Customer Profile Data: XYZ_complete_customer_data_frame.RData

Mock-up of XYZ company Web site: 01 Handout Mock-up (S2) PREDICT 450(1).pdfPreview the document

Brief on the XYZ company background and history including products sold, locations, and channels: 02 Handout Company Brief (S2) PREDICT 450.pdfPreview the document

Handout: Models_for_Targeting.pdfPreview the document

Financial Model: Valuing_Targeting_Model.xlsxPreview the document


Optional Files are given below, for your reference – You will learn a lot about the data if you review Miller’s R code for data integration:

‘Read data’ R file (Optional): XYZ_read_data.r

R code for data integration – Code to integrate the 3 files (item, mail, customer) given below, to create the complete customer file: miller_xyz_data_integration.r

XYZ Customer Data: XYZ_customer_data(1).RData

XYZ item data: XYZ_item_data(1).RData

XYZ mail data: XYZ_mail_data(1).RData

Customer frame csv file:  solo3.csvPreview the document

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