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Ongoing guidance and support will be given in the module workshop sessions, through resources on NOW and via the assignment discussion board. There is also an assignment tutorial in Term 1.

Key points:

Across Term 1 you will have covered 5 topics which are current issues in health and social care. You are to select one of these topics. There is a document on NOW which provides some essay titles for each of these topics, which you are to select one to answer.

You will need to conduct a literature search to identify at least two sources of information relating to your chosen essay title to discuss. You are to select appropriate academic sources. In your essay you will need to summarise what each source is discussing. You will also need to compare these sources, in relation to their reliability/authority. Across Term 1 you will have had several sessions with Ian/Lee/Debra to equip you with the skills necessary to complete this assignment.

In addition to these two core sources of information, you will need to include other citations as appropriate e.g. piece of legislation, further supporting evidence

You will need to include a reference list in Harvard format.

There is a Plan Template for you to complete and email for feedback

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