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TA typed 8-10 page paper is required,(8-10 pages not including the title page or sources page).  The paper can be anything related to Criminal Justice and the book has many examples. Some suggestions for the paper are the following: Subject options for the paper: Court System in the United States, State, Federal, or both The Right to Counsel and/or Systems Victims and victim programs 5th Amendment right to self-incrimination, etc. Right to Trial by Jury under the 6th Amendment RightYou can cite cases, any other type of publication, including: Journals, Books, Internet Articles, etc.The paper must: Be double-spaced Include 1.25 inch margins Use Times New Roman 12 point typeIt should include: A title page An introduction Body of paragraphs with subheadings Conclusion A reference page with 10 to 15 cited worksOf the total works cited, half should be from academic journals or books published by an academic press. Works cited and the references should be in APA format (details of the APA format can be found at The subject of the paper must be any subject matter related to Criminal Justice. (You can cite cases, or any other type of publication.)

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