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lease answer all 15 questions

A. How can we help increase a childs self-esteem, what developmental changes do we need to be aware of, and how can we help them cope with stress that might otherwise adversely affect them?

B. What effect do Adolescence pregnancies have on the mother? What impact does it have on the childs future SES?

C. Leading cause of death for Adolescents is accidents, what does Piagets formal operation stage say that explains why this is the case?

D. Describe and briefly explain the 4 categories that make up general self-esteem.

E. What are the central features of psychoanalytic, social learning, and cognitive developmental approaches to moral development?

F. Describe and evaluate the accuracy of major theories that explain the emergence of gender identity

G. Which method of emotional self-regulation is most closely associated with Freuds theories? Give three examples of such coping behaviors.

H. Describe the impact of class size and educational philosophies on childrens motivation and academic achievement

I. What personality changes take place during Eriksons stage of Industry vs. Inferiority?

J. Explain the Kubler-Ross stages of grief, are their flaws?

K. Describe major categories of peer acceptance and ways to help rejected children

L. What factors influence childrens adjustment to divorce and remarriage?

M. How have conceptions of adolescence changed over the past century?

N. Discuss family, peer, school, and employment influences on academic achievement during adolescence

O. What is the biological cause for adolescent moodiness during puberty?

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