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Please read the following chapters in the text:

Chapter 4: Organizational Processes: Relational and Structural Supports
Chapter 5: Communication Processes: Facilitating Meaning Making, Mutual Support, and Problem Solving
Chapter 4 identifies the organizational elements in effective family functioning, highlighting key processes for relational resilience. One key process is social and economic resources.

Chapter 5 examines a key intervention for successfully overcoming adversity: communication skills.

You have learned about the importance of taking into consideration the clients belief system when making referrals to resources and interventions. To prepare for this Discussion, please read Hoas Case Study. Please use the assigned readings and use at least two (2) research peer-reviewed studies to support your answers.

Please respond to the following:

What are two resources you would refer this family to in Duval and or Clay County, Florida?

Identify the name of the resource, what type of help the resource could offer to the family, and why you believe the family would benefit from this resource.

Explain how each resource is appropriate based on what you know about the familys belief system. Be sure to research information on Vietnamese culture and use that research to support your rationale for the resources identified.

Identify at least two interventions you would recommend for this family.

Explain why you recommended each intervention and how each intervention will help the family.

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