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3.    The following is a passage from the first chapter of Nnedi Okorafors novel Lagoon (2014). Use this passage to discuss the following concepts: omniscient narrator, extradiegetic narrator, point of view. Explain how they are relevant in this text by quoting and discussing sentences/phrases/words etc. (10 points total, Word limit: 300 words + quoted text)

And now Adaora was here at Bar Beach because her loving perfect husband of ten years had hit her. Slapped her really hard. All because of a hip-hop concert and a priest. At first, shed stood there stunned and hurt, cupping her cheek, praying the children hadnt heard. Then shed brought her hand up and slapped him right back. Shocked into rage, her husband leaped on her. But Adaora had been ready for him. By this time, she wasnt thinking about the children.
    She didnt know how long she and her husband had scuffled like wild dogs on the floor. And the way the fight had ended, it wasnt normal. One minute theyd been brawling and then the next, her husband was mysteriously stuck to the floor, his wrists and ankles held down as though by powerful magnets. As hed screamed and twisted, Adaora had got up, grabbed her keys and run out of the house. Thankfully, their Victoria Island home was only minutes from Bar Beach.
    She rubbed her swollen cheek. Even on her dark skin, the redness would be visible. She set her jaw, and tried to ignore the two men coming from her right and left as she walked toward the ocean. After what shed just dealt with, she wasnt about to let any man get in her way. Still, as she got closer, she ventured a glance at the two of them.
    She frowned.
    The man in the military uniform looked like hed already seen plenty plenty pepper. He reminded Adaora of a whipped lion. Blood dribbled from his nose and he wasnt bothering to wipe it away. And half his face was swollen. Yet he had a hard, unshaken look in his eye. The other man was a tall, dark-skinned scarecrow of a fellow wearing a black and white veil. Maybe he was a Muslim. He was scrutinizing the approaching beat-up-looking soldier more than he was her.

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