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A persons worldview informs his or her spirituality. Thus, spiritually is one or another reliant on a persons faith, theological interpretations, and their perspective of the origin of humanity (Evans, 2020). Arguably, our worldview shapes our character and inner life. As a nurse, I understand every person has a worldview and will therefore express a certain form of spirituality. Individuals have varying internal considerations as well as values. When caring for patients, I try as much as possible to pay attention to their spiritual needs rather than my spiritual ideals. Sometimes, these needs might be unspoken, and it is therefore important to pay attention to the patients nonverbal cues and overall demeanor (Ghorbani et al., 2021). Being attentive to the patients facial expressions or any other nonverbal cue helps me identify any expression of concern, sadness, or fear.

Additionally, I pay attention to the patients views and listen to their concerns without trying to make them accept my perspective. For instance, when a patient expresses his concern about the TV program being aired or the music being played, I simply change to his liking. Even when I do not agree with the patients spiritual beliefs or viewpoints, I show interest in their perspective, and this enables them to feel that I am caring for their needs. Perhaps my major weakness rests in the fact that I am not conversant with different religions. Nonetheless, I am quite fortunate to be working in an environment where I interact with individuals of diverse backgrounds, and this enables me to acknowledge the diverse worldviews.

As a patient, I would be glad to have the final say in making critical decisions on the form of intervention or care I wish to receive. However, when I no longer have the capacity to make critical decisions, I would have a predetermined family member to make the decisions on my behalf. Such a person should understand and respect my beliefs and values.

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