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Question one will most likely be your longest response.  Your answer to question one should be at least four paragraphs double-spaced.  Questions two and three can be answered in two paragraphs.

Midterm Questions…

1. In July of 2017 Teen Vogue published the following article:  50 points

As you can imagine, it was quite controversial.  As a human sexuality almost expert, I want you to critique the article.  Discuss the pros and cons of the article using empirical support, as well as information from the text.  I also want you to address the publication’s target audience addressing the appropriateness of this article; again discuss pros and cons.

2. The text discusses the importance of fantasy; it also highlights circumstances when fantasizing is detrimental.  Over the past few years, incest porn (also known as fauxcest) has grown in popularity; it is one of the most highly sought after porn searches on PornHub.  There is no empirical research on the topic.  Based on what you have learned thus far, what are your thoughts on this.  Make sure to reference the text and any articles you read on the subject.  25 Points

3.  Bias and Reflection:  I want you to review your discussion posts and assignments from the past few weeks, in your response, address how you’ve grown and discuss any unintended bias you experienced, displayed, or noticed.  Make sure to highlight your personal growth, highlighting things you have learned.  Finally, discuss what you have enjoyed about the course and anything that can help improve the course.  25 Points

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Human Sexuality Author: Hock Edition: 4th Publisher: Pearson ISBN: 9780133971385
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