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Topic:  You should choose either a modern artist or a modern theme.  Project must analyze a visual art a either painting, sculpture, architecture, or any form which can be analyzed using the terms discussed in chapters two and three.  Photography, performance art, fashion, etc. are all acceptable but your analysis must focus on the visual elements.  Verify your topic with me so we are in agreement that it is acceptable.

Format:  MLA format must be used at least one credentialed secondary source must be used and you must document appropriately failure to do so will result in withdrawal from course for plagiarism.

Length: 5 pages minimum including bibliography of any sources used.

Thesis:  you should write an analysis here are some sample approaches

History/overview of a modern form of art its origins, influences, connections to past styles etc look at specific examples of the form and explain its key characteristics
The influence of a style of art on a modern artist in another field for example, the influence of realism on a photographer, the influence of a modern style of art on a fashion designer these topics would require research obviously Ex:  Pop Art and Pucci
One modern artist and a reoccurring theme in their work look at several works and compare/contrast them example – Cindy Sherman a contemporary photographer and her images of women as victims, Ansel Adams and American destiny
Tracing a particular symbol or image food, beauty, venus etc in more than one time period comparing/contrasting use Example:  Venus through the Ages

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