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Article Analysis #1
Identify a peer-reviewed (scientific) journal article in EBSCOhost source  related to your Mastery Journal Paper topic (the diversity of in-game characters and how this can expand the audience of gaming). The article must be at least 8 pages long. Write a 4-5 page paper (counting cover and reference pages) beginning with a brief introduction that identifies the article citation, the broad topic of the article, and how this relates to the GDC track (i.e., Advocacy, Audio, Business, Design, Production, Programming, Visual Arts; for your Mastery Journal Paper topic. After the introduction, include the following 5 main headings and associated content:

a.Design: describe the design, methods, and measurements (or method if only theoretical)

b.Results: Give a summary of results/conclusions/concepts

c.Strengths: describe at least 2 strengths of the article toward the topic; this should include things that strengthen or enhance the validity of their findings

d.Limitations: Identify 2 validity threats (Construct, Internal, External), provide a generic definition of the threat, and explain how they impact the usefulness of the research being done in this topic

e.Conclusion: Sum up the findings including how this paper contributes to your Mastery Journal Paper topic and the associated GDC track;  identify a mentor from the GDMS faculty who will be consulted on the topic.

Use the attached rubric. You may download an excerpt from the most recent APA Publication Manual at the following link ( which provides a summary of formatting for an APA student manuscript.

Upload your paper to, review your originality score, fix any issues and then upload the final paper in FSO before 11:59pm.

The sources I found is in the attachment. But we can discuss about it.

Article Analysis #1
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