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Summarize two articles separately, needs personal thoughts and reflection on hotel management knowledge, not only the summary of the article. Each summary should be around 500 words.

Article Summaries A General Guide

You will be asked to engage with a series of readings outside of the textbook material and compose a summary/critique of these selected readings. To manage our class size and your workload, you will be assigned to complete 4 sets of article summaries throughout the duration of the semester.

Demonstrate that you have invested some time with the reading, drawn out some of the core information, and contemplated the relevance and importance of the reading within our context (Examples might include: How has it changed, altered, or challenged your knowledge of the topic so far? Your understanding about our industry? In what way does this reading intersect, conform, or challenge some of the materials we are learning in this course?)

There is no single right way to approach your summary and the process of working through new information can be messy. However, as upper year students, you should be striving to summarize and analysis information both for your own benefit and to have the ability to share it with others in a meaningful way. As such, your summaries should communicate value to another reader beyond a simple reproduction of items within the assigned piece. You might consider identifying the style / type of reading, the key focus of the piece, some of the core learning(s) that you took out of the material, and how you have processed it within the context of our course.

article summary
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