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The manuscript (Article) is for publication in one of the international journals indexed with Scopus. Therefore, the manuscript should include followings:


1. The topic should be about the field of ‘Auditing’. The expert and the clients determine the precise topic of the article.

2. The topic should be new and there should be novelty in the article that makes it worthy for publication.

3. The article should include theoretical part and empirical/practical part.

4. Besides the Abstract and Introduction, the writer should include parts:

• Keywords

• Highlights

• Problems of the Study

• Objectives of the study

• Hypotheses 

5. Literature review (Previous studies tackled by other previous researchers about the same or similar study).The Writer should state how his study is different from the other ones tackled before, and how does it differ from the previous ones in the literature review.

• Results

• Conclusions

• Implications

• Recommendations

6. The article should have a proper model of analysis upon which the entire study is based.

7. The practical part should include:

• Statistical methods

• Figures

• Tables with titles

• Equations


8. The language of the article should be excellent. It should fit the Doctoral level.

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