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Assessment Description – Research Questions and financial analysis on the major Australian Banks


The first half year 2018 results of the four Australian major banks (Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, National Australia Bank, and Westpac Banking Corporation) indicates that growth continues to be demanding and challenging in a contemporary era of business innovation and modernization.


The uncertainty of the future operations and the difficult regulatory and operating environment, including the current Royal Commission will provide substantial challenges for the major banks.

Question 1

What are the major sources of funds for banks in Australia? What are the major uses of funds for banks in Australia? (To support your discussion, select one major bank latest report)


Question 2

You need to obtain the latest financial reports for the four major banks and provide the following information, supported by critical analysis and comments:

(a)  Ranking of the banks by total assets, total equity, market capitalization, profit before tax.

(b)  Financial performance and performance measures of the major banks. (P/L)

(c)  Overall financial position. (B/S)

(d)  Capital measures.

(e)  Credit quality measures.

(f)   Other financial indicators that may be useful for financial performance analysis.


Question 3

(a)  What is the Australian Prudential Regulation Framework and what are the objectives?

(b)  Search APRA’s website for the current policy on Bank’s lending asset growth. What is the outcome for the major banks and do you agree or disagree with APRA’s present position.


Question 4

Austral Bank Limited has the following ratios:

a.      Profit Margin            21

b.      Asset Utilisation      11

c.      Equity Multiplier      12 Times



Calculate Austral Bank Limited returns on equity and return on assets. Briefly explain these measures.


You research essay will need to have the following structure and framework:


1.      Answer the four questions completely. Provide comments, figures and calculations as applicable.

2.      Tables, charts, diagrams and graphs.

3.      Harvard Referencing System.


The assignment must be typed, double-spacing.



Note: Students may be subject to dishonesty review and subsequent consequences if the turnitin similarity index is relatively high, say over 15%-20% depending on the sources of similarities.

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