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Reply to students response to question in 150 words min . Be sure to answer in detail and refer to specific concepts and provide 1 reference


Describe a device that qualifies for label as an “Internet of Things” device. Present your top reason why this device can benefit society AND your top reason why it could be harmful.

students response


Internet of Things is defined by the book as, “the sensors and data-communicating technology that is built into physical objects that enables them to be tracked and controlled over the internet” (Managerial Support Systems 2018). One of the many devices that can be classified as an “internet of things” device would be a smart thermostat within a smart home. These devices are thermostats that are controlled through the internet. They are considered “smart” because they can be programmed to learn what the needs of the homeowner are. These devices can be controlled through a computer or a smart phone, or on a tablet or ipad. The functionality of these devices is that they can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and the log in information. 

The main benefit of this type of device is that the device learns what the homeowner likes — which is appealing to the consumer, meaning they are more likely to purchase the product. It can turn on at a certain time, or when the garage door opens (if connected through an entire smart home). It can learn the patterns of using AC or heat and help keep the bill lower. 

One reason why this could be harmful is that the cost is much higher than just a regular thermostat. And in addition to a much higher cost, there have been reports of issues with these new devices which could cost a lost of money to replace or fix. 

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