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These are the articles I’m trying to use. let me know if you can access them. I want the thesis about the importance it is for third generation families to teach their kids their second language and the benefits of being bilingual.

Dixon, Q., Wu, S. Daraghmeh, A. (2012). Profiles in Bilingualism: Factors Influencing Kindergartners Language Proficiency. Early Childhood Education Journal

Davis, A., Bowman, N., Kaushanskaya, M. (2018). Bilingualism, Cognates and Reading Fluency in Children. Journal of Research in Reading

Kaushanskaya, M., & Crespo, K. (2019) Does Exposure to Code-Switching Influence Performance in Bilingual Children. Child Development

Morton, B., & Harper, S. (2007) What did Simon say? Revisiting the Bilingual advantage. Developmental Science

Heinlen, K., Behrend, D., Said, L., Girgis, H., Poulin-Dubois, D. (2017) Monolingual and Bilingual Childrens Social Preferences for Monolingual and Bilingual Speakers. Developmental Science

Klass, P. (2017, July 10). Raising a Truly Bilingual Child. The New York Times

Kamenetz, A. (2016, November 30) Whats Going on Inside the Brain of a Bilingual Child. Mind/Shift

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