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The Watsons Go To Birmingham 1963
As you may know the writer read a book called The Watsons Go To Birmingham 1963.  The writer wrote this since they want to show how much Byron has grown throughout this whole story. One fact about Byron is that he has two siblings and two parents. In this story it may come off as all over the place but you will piece it together.

The Watsons family were living in Flint, Michigan where it was very cold. Byron and Kenny went to a school called Clark Elementary Byron is 13 but was held back a grade or two. He was basically the boss of that school which is why not many people tampered with Kenny for his lazy eye or smartness. He was a major bully to literally everyone, even his brother Kenny at times. He knows what he is doing but doesnt want to be seen as a soft kid he wants to be seen as the cool kid and tough.

Byron has gotten in trouble so many times but just cant learn his lesson. His parents have tried to punish him for the things he has done but he truly wanted to keep his image as it was being portrayed to other people. Byron has played with matches, getting free groceries with his parents money without permission in addition to getting a conk by Buphead without his parents permission. His punishments for these decisions are for him to be burnt, stop going to the store together plus shave all of his hair off.

Byron clearly had no intention of stopping his awful acts so his parents decided to fix their old car and head on a road trip to Grandma Sands house so that Byron can spend a little time with strict Grandma Sands. When they reach Byron and Kenny notice that the heat is very unbearable. Lots of things happen during this trip like the bombing that happened at the church that Joey was at. Four girls died in this bombing but luckily Joey survived this tragic bombing.

Consequently it seems as if Byron’s view on the notion of life has drastically changed. There were a handful of things going on in Alabama compared to back home in Flint where he lived. Kenny is traumatized based off of everything that went down and sees what it truly feels like living with Grandma Sands. Byron decides to have a long talk with Kenny and Kenny realizes that Byron has changed and is right. Byron basically gave Kenny some motivation on how he should snap out of the faze he is in and should continue with life. Personally, we all can agree that Byron changed from the experience he had staying with Grandma Sands.

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