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In this assignment I have to perform a prerecorded video presentation on BPD & Violence  which has to last approximately 15 minutes to be exact.I will have to record myself using the slideshow,so here are the following guidelines for the presentation.

A thorough background of the offender,                                                                           

Discussion of the offense(s)committed, and

One empirical research article about a topic related to this case and an explanation of how this study applies to this case.  For example, you may look up this type of offender and discuss how this particular offender fits with the profile or differs from the typical offender, or you may present research related to a risk factor in the offenders history.Also it would be really kind and nice of you if you can write an summary in your own words of each bullet point that i want you to cover in a way that I can present to the class.
Presentations will be graded on the following basis:

Thoroughness of the research 25%
Clarity of the presentation of information 20%
Critical thinking and integration of ideas 20%
Use of the above guidelines 15%
Appropriateness of sources used 10%
Correct use of APA style, grammar, punctuation, etc. 10%

BPD and Violence
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