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This assignment helps you develop the skills to master the following program outcomes:

Apply foundational knowledge and an understanding of business systems, processes, and technology within and across core disciplines.
Integrate information across disciplines and from differing perspectives.
Think critically and analytically to provide evidence-based solutions to business challenges and opportunities.
Apply innovative, strategic, and sustainable approaches to business practice and planning.
Lead and collaborate in virtual, global, and culturally diverse environments.
Integrate principles of ethics and integrity into business decisions.
Communicate clearly and effectively in a business environment.
Revisit the MBA6900 Course Alignment Map to review how all activities assist you in achieving your overall program outcomes.

Activity Instruction

For this assignment, submit your final Capstone Project and Presentation. See the MBA Capstone Project Guidelines for complete information about requirements. Be sure to incorporate instructor feedback and review your paper for writing errors and APA format prior to submission. Also, review the Capstone Project and Presentation Scoring Guide to self-assess your work prior to submission to ensure you are meeting expectations for demonstrating your program outcomes.

Remember the following:

Include an executive summary following your cover page.
Your project must be a minimum of 20 pages (double-spaced, academic style) or 15 pages (single-spaced, professional format), not including cover page, abstract, table of contents, references, and any appendices.
When you submit this assignment, submit the following three pieces: project paper, project slides, and presentation (either audio on your slides, a Kaltura media file attached, or an Adobe Connect link pasted in message box).
Refer to the MBA Academic and Professional Guidelines for more information on formatting and APA citations.

Capstone Project and Presentation
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