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The task is to write a 1600 word report which analyses the current employment opportunities in your chosen career and field of professional practice. Plus or minus  10% in the word count is acceptable

You need to cover each of the four sections listed below. Try to balance your word count equally between the four main sections.

An analysis of current employability trends
In this section you analyse current research relating to the job market. You should analyse the job market and trends in which you wish to work. For example job trends in the UK or another country.
An evaluation of the impact of  external factors influencing work and career patterns

In this section you analyse external factors , using an anlysis model such as PESTLE to guide you in relation to external factors influencing your chosen career path.
An analysis of advertising, recruitment and selection methods related to your chosen career
In this section you analyse how are jobs advertised, typically what kinds of recruitment and selection practices are commonly used within your chosen sector. It may be that psychometrics testing is commonly used or assessment centres for graduate training schemes.Give examples of graduate vacancies where possible.

Analysis of relevant professional standards and competences (including behaviours)

In this section you analyse and synthesise sources of information to determine the standards and behaviours which are required in your chosen career. This information can be found in job adverts, professional body websites and publications,  journals, books etc. Give examples where possible. Use examples from professional bodies such as CMI. ACCA ACMA CIM CIPD etc

Career Development and Employability
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