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examine the case and present your collective thoughts on the three options of future growth for the Mayo Clinic. Options include its current areas of expertise (regional provision of integrated medical care and international provision of tertiary and quaternary care), new opportunities in a broader range of services and treatment channels (e.g., telemedicine, mobile health, enterprise learning and training for other health care systems), or some combination of these opportunities.

Your paper will want to address the following questions:

What Six Factors alignments and business model elements are the key sources of value provided by Mayo Clinic? To what extent do these sources of value differentiate Mayo Clinic from its national and regional competitors?
Assuming that Mayo Clinic continues to push forward with its strategy of growth through alternative business models, what do you see as the key Six Factors and business model implementation challenges? How should these be addressed?
Moreover, address the following based on your readings and augmented readings,
Was growing the alternative business models the right strategy to pursue? Why in your opinion based on what you read and augmented readings?
Was Mayo Clinic risking its biggest asset its excellence in care trying to treat patients at all levels of the care pyramid?
If Mayo Clinic did succeed in meeting its targets for 2020, would it be paid properly for the value it provided to patients along the way?

Case Analysis
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