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All papers must be completed in APA format.  This assignment should be between 3 pages in length (the cover page and reference page do not count towards this minimum), and must be typed using Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced, and with one-inch margins. Papers should also be spell-checked and grammar-checked.
An abstract is not required, and will not count towards the 3-5 page length requirement if included.  Do not copy and paste the discussion questions into the paper; if the questions are included, they will not count towards the page requirement minimum.

In addition to the case study itself, utilize a minimum of three sources, which can also include the PowerPoint attached, in order to complete this assignment.  These sources must be credible and scholarly (i.e., no blog posts or use of Wikipedia).  Industry organizations such as SHRM, as well as publications such as the Harvard Business Review and other peer-reviewed journals, are all good examples of credible sources. Remember to use parenthetical in-text citations in APA format throughout your paper to indicate the source of your information.

Your report for the case study must include the following sections:
**Cover page
**Overview Briefly summarize the case scenario (one or two paragraphs)
**Discussion questions Answer the discussion questions listed below
    1. Would it be appropriate for Southwood to use e-learning to deliver the performance management training? If not, what delivery method(s) would you recommend? Explain your answer.
    2. There were several options available when deciding who would design and deliver the program. Ultimately, Southwood decided the HR manager would be responsible. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the training sessions being led by an external consultant instead.
    3. What are the potential challenges the HR manager might experience in delivering successful training sessions for managers (appraisers) and employees (appraisees)? Outline how those challenges might be overcome.
    4. How can the HR manager ensure skills transfer so managers and employees apply the training to the workplace? Provide specific examples.
    5. How would you recommend Southwood evaluate the success of the training program (not including the end-of-session feedback forms)? Provide specific examples.
**Debriefing Reflecting your thoughts and opinions based on the case
**Reference page

Case Study – Southwood School
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