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Context of this assignment:
Covid present a unique change of challenges to marketers and will demand to rethink short-term and long-term decisions
Many business (gyms and fitness centres) try to adapt to a new environment in which consumers can choose form a wide range of alternatives to the more traditional gym membership
The broad of directors of Virgin Active, a leading chain of health clubs, is particularly concerned about this situation
They have to comply with new safety measures, win back existing members, and try to convince new members that it is safe to use the gym
The global pandemic has propelled the diffusion of alternative home-fitness and virtual fitness solutions which are revolutionising the way people exercise

My task:
Virgin Active directors heard that you were nearly finishing your consumer behaviour module and decided to invite you to give a presentation at their next meeting
They want to know how the behaviour of existing and potential Virgin active members has changed and how Virgin might address the challenges lying ahead.
The directors would like you to think about three key aspects:
An assessment of how the behaviour of virgin Active current or potential customers is changing or is likely to change as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic
An holistic assessment of the potential impact of these changes on the heath and fitness sector in general, and on Virgin Active in particular. What key challenges lie ahead for Virgin Active?
A recommendation (1) on what they should do to address the identified challenges

presentation with presenter notes
Presenter notes should be used to complement the slides (not repeat)
The slides should focus on the key aspects and include visuals and diagrams if appropriate.
Presenter notes provided further explanation and analysis of each slide

10 slides for the content
The 10 slides does not include : title slide, executive summary, table of contents and reference list
1500 words: not including cover slide, executive summary and table of contents and reference list

Challenges of Covid-19 on Virgin Active
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