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The DeYoung (2015) text describes characteristics for effective teaching in nursing, which include professional competence, interpersonal relationships with learners, personal characteristics, teaching practices, evaluation practices, teacher clarity, and efficient use of time. Effective teaching is not an innate skill that teachers are born with; it is a learned process that is cultivated over time. Knowledge of educational theory and research provides a framework for educators to improve their teaching abilities. DeYoung suggests the desire to learn new teaching methods and the willingness to evaluate one’s own teaching are important teacher attributes.

As learners, you can easily recall your best teachers. For this discussion:

Identify (without naming) a nurse educator who taught you in the past and who you believe exemplified excellence in nursing education.
Describe the characteristics that made this educator “good.”
How do this educator’s characteristics compare/contrast with the effective teaching characteristics identified by DeYoung?
Are there similarities?
How might the nurse educator incorporate these characteristics into his/her practice?

Characteristics of Effective Teaching
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