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Instructions for Critical Response Papers
(Write 2 pages single-spaced 12pt Times New Roman for each chapter.  Upload separate file for each chapter response)
    Signs (Charles Long) pp. 89-124 Chapters 6 & 7
    Write a two-page response for each chapter

1.    Identify and write a sentence or paragraph in the reading that you disliked, made you stumble or caused a moment of aha. Describe in at least one well-developed paragraph why the particular sentence stuck out or caused a response in you. (Include the page number where the sentence is found) (2 pts)

2.    (If applicable) List and define (Using Gonzalez) words that are new to you.  (2 pts)

3.    Identify the thesis of this book, chapter, article, video or essay. What is the main argument of this text? (Include the page number where the thesis is found) (2 pts)

4.    Identify some of the supporting claims and ideas of the text.  Make note of page numbers where claims may be found and include quotes from the text. Example: Author A lists three key points to support the argument. First (2 pts)

5.    How does this text inform your ministry/research interest and context? (2 pts)
6.    Generate a critical question you would like to ask the author. (2 pts)

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Charles Long “Signs”
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