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1.  Describe more thoroughly the state or federal policy that you introduced in Part 1 of the assignment. What is title/name of policy; when was it developed; what are the major element/mandates of the policy.

2.  Describe the federal branch AND local New Jersey agencies that oversee this problem and what their oversight consists of? 

3.  Critique the adequacy of this policy. 

Citing recent research literature, how effective has the policy been in addressing the social problem? Be very specific about how the research measures efficacy of the policy.
What outcomes inform the policy analysis? How adequate are these outcomes or indicators?
In your experience, are there other outcomes or indicators that should be used? OR why are these outcomes adequate?
4.  Describe how social work training and experiences can inform understanding of the social problem and how social workers can participate in the policy solution

5.  Design a theoretical advocacy effort that social workers could implement to address the social problem/policy

Students do not have to implement the advocacy effort, but must describe ONE effort that could be done and why this specific advocacy effort is a good fit for addressing the problem/policy. 

This is paper is part 2 of an paper already submitted. I added part 1 in the additional materials as well to use as a guide

Children and Food Insecurity
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