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. This is your opportunity to share observations and opinions. It is important to be aware of what we ‘really’ think.  We all have opinions, biases, and assumptions! We can’t learn and grow optimally without being aware of theseassumptions. 2 pointsAddressed own nursing experience (how long, general area(s) of nursing practice, geographic location (rural, suburban, or urban).  Personal information (family, hobbies, pets, etc. is optional)6pointsShare yourown thoughts-I prefer that you do notreadyour textprior to posting.  This can be either from your personal experience or something you have observed in a clinical situation. Please share your observations regarding the following:1) What have you observed regardinghealth seeking behaviors of individualsyou serve?2) How important iscomfort level with health care providersfor the individuals you serve?3) Is there adequate access to quality health carefor the population you serve as a nurse?4) Does geographic location, as an independent variable, impact the likelihood of health disparities?4) In three sentences or less, share what you believe patient and family centered care includes.5) How do you think nursing practice in rural areas may be different than nursing practice in an urban area? 2pointsWriting quality clarity, organization, appropriate grammar, & sentence structure.  No citation.  Use APA

Discussion 1

Ni Meyer

Resilience in rural communities. I have the understanding that with the use of technology the rural communities with benefit greatly. We have learned in the recent pandemic of COVID-19, in a way we are all trying to act like we are in a rural community. We are to stay at home, not be in big groups of people, limit our exposure of going to the grocery stores, clinics, and pharmacies. The rural communities do this all the time, they may not have direct access to groceries, health care, and pharmaceuticals because it is not convenient. Residents may only travel to the essential places once a week or less than that. This is where the resilience of people come in full strength. When the areas that were so used to being able to access always are now unable to go to, the community changes and evolves to the new way of living.  If the nurse can provide adequate information regarding health, the rural dwellers desire for self-reliance may lead to health-promotion behaviors (Winters, 2013). Through the help of technology, with e-visits, its not as personal as a face to face appointment but it helps stay connected with the community and helps residents continue the health care.

Living in rural areas also leaves the residents vulnerable. In other words, the social and environmental factors that limit peoples everyday ability or resiliency to cope with daily life also make them vulnerable to the effects of emergencies (Schroeder & Bouldin, 2019). Emergencies situations happen, we know this by natural disasters that devastate areas such as hurricanes and tornados. We also now know the effects upon communities during pandemic exposures. The resilience of communities is crucial, more than half of the US is rural communities according to Schroeder and Bouldin. To ensure that the needs of more than half of the US population with access and functional needs are met, it is imperative that emergency preparations include a plan to operationalize support for the whole community (Schroeder & Bouldin, 2019).


Schroeder, J., & Bouldin, E. D. (2019). Inclusive Public Health Preparedness Program to Promote Resilience in Rural Appalachia (20162018). American Journal of Public Health, 109, S283S285.

Winters, C. A. (2013). Rural Nursing: Concepts, Theory, and Practice, Fourth Edition: Vol. 4th ed. Springer Publishing Company.

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