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I’d like you to write paragraph about  your ICE CORES research paper in which you tell us:

1 Why ICE CORES related to climate change have piqued your curiosity and may form the basis of your big research project.

2 How you think you might go about attaining reliable sources to pursue answers to your research inquiry. (This can include long-term intentions to do field studies; I really enjoyed your answers as to whether or not you’d ever be interested in performing ice-core analyses,

3 Finally, post the first draft of your research question that focuses on your specific area of curiosity at the intersection of climate science and your intellectual enthusiasm.
For your Draft Research Question (RQ): Try to avoid a question that can be answered by Yes or No! For example, the question: “If re-elected, will Donald Trump reverse his denialist stance on climate change?” – The answer to this is probably “No.” And I could put my pen down right there. However, I could ask, “What events or influences might alter Donald Trump’s current denialist stance on climate change if he is re-elected?” Then, I could undertake significant, albeit highly speculative!, research into possible sources of influence on his Administration’s future climate policies.


Be as clear and specific as you can.

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