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In addition, to the problem highlighted in the Discussion Forum assignment, of an entire nation disappearing from rising seas, the climate crisis will force people to relocate and governments to adapt in many different situations, both within their home countries and to other countries.  The circumstances are many and varied.  For example the coastal native Alaskan village of Kivalina that must be relocated inland because of lack of protective winter sea ice and rising seas.  Migration and relocation are on-going today throughout the world.  Human migration caused by the climate crisis will increase dramatically in the 21st century.

For this mini-paper, you are to pick either a current or projected future area where climate change will force residents to relocate.  Describe the circumstances, extent of the relocation, and adaptation efforts that have, or will be undertaken to address the situation. In addition, discuss how these relocation and adaptation efforts will be paid for.  And consider the viability of using the court system to force a responsible party to pay.  As part of this discussion, consider the unsuccessful effort in the Kivalina case (decision attached here) and the Comer litigation mentioned in the readings to force greenhouse gas emitters to pay for the consequences of their actions based on traditional tort theories.  Are there any common law or other remedies that can be used to force companies to assist in paying for these adaptations? 

This mini-paper is limited to 600 words, including footnotes and references, so your discussion should be concise and focused.

5 scholarly sources

Climate Change Relocation
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