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Write-up a CCS using the following outline format. Your response should be factual and concise (brief but comprehensive). You are required to use at least one other source besides your textbook. For additional online resources, consider the web sites provided on the External Links page and/or the Chapter Weblinks provided on the Course Materials page. A direct internet search of the disease will also like reveal organizations specific to that disorder (i.e. American Diabetes Association.

Sarah was a concerned first time mother. Her newborn baby boy was perfect in every way to her and her husband. However, at the suggestion of the pediatrician during the two week postnatal check-up, they had been scheduled for a pediatric orthopedic consultation. Apparently, the doctor grew suspicious after he reportedly heard a click while performing Ortolani maneuver.

Title: Clinical Suspicion (diagnosis) *

I. Etiology/Pathogenesis/Morphology

II. Clinical Manifestations/Epidemiology

III. Clinical Course/Natural History

IV. Clinical Considerations/Diagnostic Testing

V. Treatment/Prevention:

Bibliography: References (citation).

* When considering your clinical suspicion, think within the parameters of the chapters of study related to the current module that we are in.

Clinical Case Study (CCS)
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