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After doing the unit reading, conduct research on the Internet and/or in the library to learn more about Cloud Computing, the changes made in the Consulting industry, the security challenges, and the implications to businesses of all sizes but, especially to small businesses as a result.

Assignment 2 Requirements

Your research should answer the following questions:

1. Why should businesses consider the cloud and for what parts of their business?

2. How can the cloud help small businesses?

3. Is data more secure in the cloud? Why? Is data in the cloud more or less susceptible to hacking?

4. How does cloud security work and how does that compare the security of on-site servers? Some businesses are hesitant of using the cloud but since so many third-party services use the cloud, are many already using it anyway?

5. Some research indicates that humans are often the biggest failures in the security chain. Does cloud security still come down to the human element?

Do not quote from your sources, but identify what information came from which source through proper APA in-text citations.

This paper should be pure research, without personal commentary, conversational speech, or emotional wording.

The length requirement for this Assignment is 350450 words. Do not write more than 450 words; it is important that a consultant learn to be concise.

Cloud Computing and Small Business
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