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Read the American Counseling Association (ACA) Code of Ethics and another mental health professional code of ethics of your choice (i.e. American Psychological Association, National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics, American Health Counselors Association Code of Ethics, National Board of Certified Counselors Code of Ethics. Write a 5-7 page paper that compares and contrasts the selected codes and examines and analyzes your values and their compatibility with the values of the counseling professional code.
A. What were the major similarities and differences you found in code of ethics documents?
B. What did you notice the differences were related to?
C. What was your overall reaction to the ACA Code of Ethics?
D.Do you feel the AC a code of ethics is in line with your personal/professional values why or why not?
E. What ethical principles/core values contain in the AC a code of ethics do you feel most strongly about?why?
F.What professional activities cant professional counselors engage in to reflect these values?
G. How do I national counselors values influence their relationships with clients colleagues in the community?
H. Do you perceive any conflicts between your personal values and your ethical responsibility to adopt the AC a code of ethics? if so how much you resolve a potential conflict?
I.Imagine you are at your retirement party three guest a client a colleague and a former boss are going to give speeches about you ever count some of your experiences that they had with you what would you want them to say about you? what values will emerge?

Code of Ethics Comparison and Value Paper
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