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  Cruise the APUS Library search tools shown in the list below.  Share in your forum post at least 3 databases, search engines, or portals that you explored. Indicate which one(s) might be the most helpful to your research.  Use this assignment to explore at least one search tool new to you.

To get started, check out the APUS Library video tutorials.  You can access them via the ONLINE RESEARCH tab in the main navigation bar on the library’s home page. All videos are closed captioned and are best viewed using Firefox.  These FAQs that might also be useful to help you access the tutorials:

I need help with learning to use the library. Are there any tutorials?
Are there tutorials that can help me learn to use specific library databases?
I’m new to e-books. Are there any tutorials that can help me get more comfortable with them?
What is the Academic Integrity Tutorial?
The web resources in the APUS Library linked below may be helpful in your research.
Social Science Research Network
IR and Security Network
Directory of Open Access Journals
Here’s a FAQ that may help you:  Where can I find open access journals or ebooks in our library?
Current Government Information
Google Scholar
Please note that is you use Google Scholar from inside the APUS Library the results will indicate which sources are available in the library. This FAQ explains how to do this: How can I see full-text links for the APUS Library in Google Scholar?
3.  Sometimes looking at poor examples of a piece of writing can help us build better examples.  In this part of the forum, we are going to look at some research questions that are not particularly well-designed.  Well see why these are problematic and look at improved versions.

To see them go to the Sample Research Questions in the APUS Librarys Writing@APUS section.  You will see a table showing questions that are identified as being problematic and then revised to be well-designed.  The problems identified in these questions are shown here:

Too narrow
Unfocused/too broad
Too objective
Too simple
After you have looked at the well-designed version of the questions and read the rationale for the changes, post your views on why the problematic research questions should be revised.  For example, explain why a research question that is too narrow is a problem and, at the other end of the spectrum, why a research question that is too broad is not a good idea.  Explain why being too objective could be an issue and why a question that is too simple is less than desirable.

As you address these undesirable traits, try drafting poorly designed questions from your field of study.  For instance, if your field is environmental management, a research question that is too broad might be something like this:  What are the effects of climate change?  A question that is too simple might be:  How are cities addressing issues of climate change?  Although you may not come up with examples of problematic research questions from your field for all 4 traits, do your best. Try to share at least 2 examples.

When you respond to the posts of others, see if you agree with their reasons for these traits being problematic.  Give them respectful, constructive feedback on the examples they set forth.

(Please note that the table used in the APUS Librarys Sample Research Questions page is based on the work done at the Center for Innovation in Research and Teaching of Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, AZ.  The page has a link to this center where youll find more info about research questions, including a list of additional resources.)

The URL for APUS Library Sample Research Questions is:

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