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You will be using your critical review articles (which will be included) to write a synthesized literature review on communication in the workplace.  Remember synthesizing the implications, findings, and significance of the studies that have already been reviewed, in addition to finding 5 articles that relate to the topic.  You are identifying patterns and trends with data, congruence within the literature, and points of disagreement among researchers.  Use information provided to you in the annotated bibliography and synthesis matrix assignments when writing the literature review.  APA standards apply for organization, structure, and formatting of the paper.

1.    Refine the topic area (communication in the workplace) and problem statement from the original paper and write an introductory paragraph.
2.    Include a research question that is specific and measurable that pertains to communication in the workplace.
3.    Assemble a theoretical framework or model to help you develop a persuasive argument about your topic.  Demonstrate that you have expertise in the topic area by writing a persuasive argument.
4.    Synthesize the patterns, differences, findings, and limitations with the 20 articles that you reviewed (use the information in Part I and Part II). Synthesize relevant findings as they align with your chosen research topic.
5.    Identify a need for future research/studies based on the gap that you identified in your literature review.  Include multiple methodologies.  What types of research studies could help further knowledge in the topic area?

    Refines the previous problem statement and research question.
    Develops a research question that is specific and measurable and clearly defines and addresses a valid need area, or gap, in the existing literature.
    Demonstrates the ability to assemble a theoretical framework and write a persuasive argument on a topic in psychology.
    Clearly demonstrates expertise and mastery of the existing knowledge on the topic.
    Demonstrates the ability to organize a literature review in APA format.
    Identifies the need for future research.
    Future research ideas are based in multiple different research methodologies that can help further knowledge in the topic area.
    Citation requirements:  Minimum 15 scholarly articles published within the past 10 years (except for theory articles).
    Word Count:  4125.
    APA formatting.

Communication in the workplace (frequent communication, active listening, and feedback)
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