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There will be (5) Life Experience Essays assigned.  Each essay is worth 5 points each.

What does this essay look like?

Well, after reading an assigned chapter pick a topic, concept or term that you can identify with. In essence, you say to yourself, I can relate to that in a way that links that term or concept to an actual past or present life experience. Once this moment occurs write about the experience. Be as detailed and open as you can. Do not write anything you are uncomfortable with. Minimum page length is page and half. There is NO Maximum length. Papers are to be double spaced and TYPED.

Mandatory: At the end of each paper write a question regarding the topic of your essay or another topic from the chapter reading that you want raised in class. We will discuss the questions most important to every person in class. If you do not have a questions at end of essay, you will received HALF the 5 points normally given.

Aim of assignment: To cross check everyday communicative behavior with terms and concepts from chapter and symposium readings. For example, what readings or terms or concepts are most truthful or practical or applicable to everyday life


Make anything up that would fulfill this assignment . im female hispanic college junior

please dont be vague professor likes depth

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