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 Question 1


According to the text, one of the ways to control public speaking tension is to:

·         Question 2


Which of the following is an example of a general purpose?

·         Question 3


Which of the following is a literal analogy?

·         Question 4


While freedom of speech is one of our fundamental rights, implied in this freedom is the speaker’s responsibility to avoid deception.

·         Question 5


Professor Michael Motley’s research on speech tension indicates most people experience three stages of tension before and during a speech. Heart rate is usually at its highest level during:

·         Question 6


Preparation is important but it has little to do with controlling tension.

·         Question 7


The two types of analogies are literal and figurative.

·         Question 8


Once you select a topic and remember that ethical behavior is required through the process, the third step in preparing your speech is:

·         Question 9


According to the text, you may be your worst critic.

·         Question 10


Plagiarism involves using another’s work, words, or ideas without adequate acknowledgement.

·         Question 11


“Ornate ambiguity” is the term used for a speaker who plans to be vague, sketchy, and considerably abstract.

·         Question 12


Your goal in informative speaking is to communicate information and ideas in a way that your audience will understand and remember.

·         Question 13


Which of the following is the definition of a speech of description?

·         Question 14


When trying to determine the accuracy of information given in a speech, one of the things a speaker needs to do is consider the timeliness of the information.

·         Question 15


The notion of avoiding information overload refers to which goal of informative speaking?

·         Question 16


Which of the following is the most appropriate specific purpose for an informative speech?

·         Question 17


In theory, the authors note, informative and persuasive speeches are distinct. However in practice:

·         Question 18


From the list of statements below which is best suited as a specific purpose for an informative speech of demonstration?

·         Question 19


Guidelines for the informative speaking goal of ____________ include questioning the source of the information, considering the timeliness of the information.

·         Question 20


____________________ specify procedures for observing and measuring concepts.

·         Question 21


·         Question 22


When a speaker attempts to persuade an audience to adopt a new idea or plan, the persuasive aim is called continuance.

·         Question 23


A speaker who tries to persuade an audience they should be mindful of protecting the world’s environment by comparing Earth to a delicate flower is using what sort of evidence to persuade the audience?

·         Question 24


Reasoning by analogy rests on the logical implications that:

·         Question 25


A literal analogy compares things with similar characteristics and, therefore, requires less explanatory support than a figurative analogy.

·         Question 26


A person who is lively, active, vigorous, and vibrant is considered to have what dimension of speaker credibility?

·         Question 27


Based upon observation, deductive reasoning moves from specific instances to general premises.

·         Question 28


Research suggests that a person’s attitude is likely to predict behavior when:

·         Question 29


Belongingness and love needs refer to our needs for affiliation, friendship, and love.

·         Question 30


Sara argues that employers’ threats to hire permanent replacement workers if employees strike have significantly reduced the number of strikes. This is an argument by:


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