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 Question 1


Which of the following is an example of a general purpose?

·         Question 2


____________ involves using other people’s works, words or ideas without adequate acknowledgement.

·         Question 3


____________ made before an audience should be backed up with reliable supporting information and sound reasoning.

·         Question 4


As a speaker, you need to make sure that your general purpose, for example, “to inform,” does not overlap with a different general purpose, “to persuade.”

·         Question 5


According to your text, which of the following would most likely be the place to begin to look for an initial speech topic?

·         Question 6


Which of the following was not listed as suggestions related to “develop the language of the speech with care”?

·         Question 7


Which of the following strategies will help to reduce speech tension most effectively?

·         Question 8


Which of the following was not listed specifically as a question to ask yourself about your audience?

·         Question 9


Using your own experience for support in a speech is NOT acceptable. 

·         Question 10


Professor Michael Motley’s research on speech tension indicates most people experience three stages of tension before and during a speech. Heart rate is usually at its highest level during:

·         Question 11


Which of the following is not true regarding the ethics of informative speaking?

·         Question 12


Avoiding information overload is one of the strategies related to the characteristic of an informative speech called “be memorable.”

·         Question 13


____________________ specify procedures for observing and measuring concepts.

·         Question 14


If we want to meet the goal of being clear in our informative speech, we need to:

·         Question 15


A speech that focuses on a process and the steps or gradual changes that lead to a result.  

·         Question 16


______________ ambiguity is a speaker’s planned effort to be vague, sketchy, and considerably abstract.

·         Question 17


In informative speaking, it is important to present information that is fair and unbiased.  This relates to which goal of informative speaking?

·         Question 18


“Ornate ambiguity” is the term used for a speaker who plans to be vague, sketchy, and considerably abstract.

·         Question 19


Your goal in informative speaking is to communicate information and ideas in a way that your audience will understand and remember.

·         Question 20


In theory, the authors note, informative and persuasive speeches are distinct. However in practice:

·         Question 21


The two overall persuasive goals are:

·         Question 22


In all cases of inductive reasoning, you can never be sure that your conclusions are absolutely accurate.

·         Question 23


“The liberally oriented electorate is the worst thing that could have happened to the country” is a: 

·         Question 24


The definition of ____________ is the “sequence of interlinking claims and arguments that, together, establish the content and force of your position.”

·         Question 25


Maslow’s hierarchy is a useful theory because it helps the persuasive speaker to understand bases of human motivations grounded in needs.

·         Question 26


“I am pleased and impressed to see so many of you turn out for the first meeting of our neighborhood association. We have an attractive, safe, and well-maintained neighborhood and tonight I am here to inspire us all to keep it this way.” This statement serves which persuasive general goal listed below?

·         Question 27


Reasoning by analogy is highly suspect in persuasive speaking because if relies too much on comparisons that are questionable.

·         Question 28


Giving a persuasive speech on the topic, “The tuition at this university is too high,” is most likely to be considered a speech that:  

·         Question 29


A syllogism includes a major and a minor premise, and a conclusion.

·         Question 30


Survival needs are most associated with which level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?


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