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Compare and contrast the intercultural communication business practices between China and the USA.
A few words about WRITING your paper:
I require an introductory paragraph. It must introduce the topic, state the main
argument of the paper, set forth the plan by which the paper unfolds, and state the
papers conclusion. In brief, after having read the first paragraph, your reader should
know precisely what the paper is about, its main claims, how it unfolds, and where it will
end up.
Write the paper in coherent paragraphs. Each paragraph should flow naturally and
logically from the previous paragraph, and on to the next paragraph, following a clear
train of analysis.
Good writing is clear writing. Write in simple, declarative sentences. Use the active
Feel free to quote from books, articles, or experts, but do not waste space with very
lengthy quotations briefly paraphrase these passages instead.
A few words about acknowledging and citing sources:
Every time you use somebody elses ideas or words, you must acknowledge the
source of the information (unless the information is common knowledge).
You may acknowledge these sources by using footnotes, endnotes, or in-text notes.
Dont get hung up on details of citation style: what really matters is (1) that you cite your sources in
such a way that readers can identify your sources and check your facts, and (2) that you
use the same citation style throughout the paper. (When
citing Internet sources that do not have printed equivalents, identify the author,
document title, Internet address, and the date that you retrieved the document.)
Append a bibliography at the end of the paper, and include all the sources in APA
style that you used in writing the paper.
Review the student handbook for plagiarism statement and requirements.

Your paper should have:
A clear introduction
A body (in which you flesh out your analysis of rhetoric, audience, artifact, and
A conclusion (in which you summarize your argument and findings and open the
paper to consideration of broader themes).
Use at least 4 academic resources (not used in class).
Include examples of your own when explaining/analyzing your topic.

compare and contrast the intercultural communication business practices of the country
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