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The essay topic that involves the second temple is: The Second Temple of Jerusalem, Judea, destroyed by the army of General Titus in 70 AD: Several three-dimensional models have been made to reconstruct the lost temple. In an essay, consider the challenge involved in creating a facsimile of an ancient monument when nothing significant of the original survives. Investigate how models have been made based on written descriptions of the original (for instance, Josephus, The Jewish Wars). If you wish, you may compare the temple reconstruction with a contrasting example of your choice, in which digital imaging technologies are being used to create virtual reproductions of a monument that survives in part or for which visual documentation exists.

General advice: What is required for a strong essay? i) A good foundation of knowledge from research, including at least 2 of the written publications available at the onQ Essay module. Strong research sources are written by experts and they appear as: published journal articles, books and book chapters. ii) It is essential that you use correct footnotes with page numbers (when citing a paginated publication) to acknowledge your debt to what you have read in terms of specific pages, and a correct bibliography. See the Stylesheet for Footnotes and Stylesheet for Bibliography Entries at the onQ module. iii) Clear, grammatically correct writing, free from spelling and typographical errors. Follow the Tips on English Writing for Course Essays at the onQ module. For help with essay writing, book a writing appointment via SASS: iv) An introduction that tells the reader the subject of the essay and the approach you will be taking; in the body of the essay the inquiry should be presented in logical stages, linking one section to the next; a conclusion that summarizes what has been discovered about the subject from the discussion and analysis in the essay. v) each work of art or monument under consideration should be introduced briefly, including a short visual description of the object, and tell the reader the name of the artist or architect (if known), title, date or approximate date, location, medium, context (was it part of a larger monument originally), patron or commissioner (for whom and for where it was made, if known), location (where it is now).

Comparison between the restructuring of the Second Temple and Parthenon
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