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Please only Use UK English spillings as this can cause me troubles

1.    Search the academic e-library for primary research publications on Compassion in the Workplace – Healthcare settings please upload these articles to me in uploads along with the assignment when finished .
2.    Identify a minimum of 7 studies to include in your critical analysis
3.    Critically appraise the validity of the research using the appropriate CASP critical appraisal tool.  (proof required to present these as well based on the pdf used from the above website and the type of the study analysed
4.    Present your analysis of the evidence presented in the 7 studies( tray randomised controlled trials mostly )
5.    Include a discussion on how you would implement the evidence into your practice environment (tips:in my organisation we have no staff counsellor or staff wellbeing department maybe I will suggest a department to be established for the staff reselianse of stress management along with other mesures
6.    Length: 2000 words not including the reference list

Please follow below  :
Marking criteria
Identification of Research

6 or more primary research studies included Studies sourced from peer reviewed journals All studies included within 2 years since date of publication


Concise description of the process they undertook to identify suitable studies for inclusion and the decision making behind their choice of studies to include.

Summary of the Quality of Evidence
Creative and comprehensive choice of presenting an overall summary of the quality/validity of evidence presented in the included studies; Provides a thorough, accurate analysis of study bias, reliability, generalizability

Recommendations on Implementation
Plan Recommendations are clearly informed by the evidence arising from the included studies; practical an realistic suggestions for rapid implementation of the evidence; key stakeholders identified for success of implementation.

Rigorously acknowledges sources and supports assertions from the literature. Precise, referencing as per Vancouver Style.

Compassion in the Workplace -Critical appraisal
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