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The idea is to just check for things and note it down in microsoft excel, or google sheets if you don’t have Microsoft Office. That includes testing to make sure the code does what it should be doing, testing to make sure the game acts as expected. It’s a bit tedious, but like, the idea is you just check to make sure the program does what it should be doing. Can you move a queen in X direction? What about arrows? Does it seem to understand when a queen is trapped? Do the menu controls work? The requirements document we have is a good reference for what kind of questions you should ask, and gives you an idea of what should go under the Requirement Tested field.

I’ll attach an example in excel and you can use fill it out as you need. Most of this though is on the white-box side of testing things for you.
Black-box, which is more looking at the code behind and seeing if the given routines work as they should. Does the CheckGameOver() method correctly recognize if one or more queens are not trapped? Black-box testing though may be more so on my end though and I’ll be doing some of that on my own.

If you haven’t already, getting Visual Studio 2017 will be needed to build and run the project for white-box testing.

Black-box testing is a bit more involved as you can see though. If you want to make another excel document and check over the methods and events and work through that you can and it would be helpful, but more than likely it’s something to be on my plate. Anyway, the whitebox excel document I included involves an example case that’s based on the 0.0.0 requirement in the requirements document that I have also attached

This is about the simplest task I can give you right now. All you’re doing is making a checklist of things you’re doing with the program and putting down a Yes or No depending on if it worked as intended or not. It shouldn’t be all that difficult to do. I already gave you an example.

The game is Game of the Amazons, the rules of it are online. The whole deal is moving queens and firing arrows, trying to trap the opponent’s queens in a turf war to claim more space.

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