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I choose Information Technology sector and the company is  Advanced Micro Devices – AMD .


Your submission should include the following elements:


1. Cover Letter introducing your report to the CEO (1 page) {for your “make believe interview for the position of CISO.


2. Executive Summary of your report (1 page)


3. <Insert “Critical Infrastructure Sector” & “Company” Name here> Final Report: Analysis and Recommendations (4 pages) 


o Analysis of both the “Critical Infrastructure Sector” and the Company key information security concepts (support with actual data and statistics) 


§ Assess how confidentiality, integrity, and availability relate to this sector and company, specifically, (is one more important than the others — or — are they all equal?  Why?)


§ Outline key threats (with supporting data).


o Your strategy for how you would address the above issues (what risk management choices and associated security controls).


o Identify example incidents/breaches in your specific critical infrastructure sector and outline lessons learned that you would apply to your company.


o References and Annotated Bibliography – Site your references and any resources using APA format. Attach the Annotated Bibliography you already prepared (IP#2) as an addendum.

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