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A. Memos, emails, and Business Letters
The professional world communicates on a daily basis using correspondence such as memos, emails, and business letters. explain each of these documents and the qualities that make them effective.  ( use a source for your description.)  Then share which you use most often in your professional life and the steps you take to ensure you are clear and effective.
At least 100-150

B.  Reflect on the language used in your professional field.  What jargon is used by your field?  What are the standards channels of communication for your field?  Also, what was the most important thing you learned this week about communication in your field?
        Memo format.
        Clear, focused writing with minimal errors.
        A minimum of two paragraphs.
        A demonstration of reflection and critical thinking.

C. Resume and Cover Letter
This week, you are tasked to write your Rsum and an Application Letter targeted toward a position of your choice where your skills, education and work experience would be relevant.  This resume can be targeted to a mock business.  The goal here is to create a resume that will showcase your talents and be useful outside of this class.
Writing a quality rsum and accompanying application letter is a process of self-reflection and self-promotion. You need to accurately represent yourself, celebrate your accomplishments, and demonstrate your abilities and experience, but you do not want to oversell yourself.
This assignment has two parts:
Part 1:
Using either the Functional, Chronological, or Combination Rsum format from our textbook, craft your rsum.
Part 2:
write a letter of application using the format in our textbook.
Once you have completed these documents, combine them into a single document with your letter first and your rsum second, and submit this single document to the week three drop box

Use this as a guide to building resume:
15 Years Military- AA in Multidisciplinary- Comptia Secutiy+, CCNA Certified, Microsoft Server and Client….. Worked in the IT field for over 12 years.

Computer Science – Technical writing
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