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Question 1



An organizational pattern that focuses on relationships in time is referred to as:

Question 2



____________ function as a reminder of what you plan to say and the order in which you plan to say it and are used during the presentation.

Question 3



Organization refers to the placement of lines of reasoning and supporting materials in a pattern that helps to achieve your specific purpose.

Question 4



All of the sub-points in a speech do not have to be logical extensions from preceding points.

Question 5



Which verbal connection follows a main point and acts to remind the audience of what a speaker has just expressed?

Question 6



“To explain to the class how participating in an athletic sport can bring psychological as well as physical benefits” is an example of a(n):

Question 7



If you were presenting a speech about traveling to Europe and deciding to start with places in Northern Europe, then moved to Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, and Western Europe, this speech would have what type of organizational pattern?

Question 8



A speech discussing the relationship of industrial pollution to higher cancer rates in the general population would be most effective in what order?

Question 9



Mood is the emotional disposition of the speaker as the speech is being delivered whereas tone refers to the overall feeling you hope to create in your audience.

Question 10



Which of the following WAS NOT listed as one of the three things you need to do when you “focus attention on topic and speaker”?

Question 11



One of the guidelines for introductions is to prepare the introduction after preparing the body of the speech.

Question 12



Quotations can be interwoven into the fabric of the speech without telling your listeners that you are speaking the words of another, but it’s important that you use the quote exactly and attribute it to the writer.

Question 13



Physically involving your audience in your introduction is not an appropriate introductory technique.

Question 14



According to Professor John Baird, “Summaries may be effective when presented at the conclusion of a speech (because) they provide the audience with a general structure under which to subsume the more specific points of the speech.”

Question 15



“This morning I will discuss the scientific, therapeutic, physiological facts and myths about the effects and the effectiveness of alternative medicine” is an example of which function of a speech introduction? 

Question 16



Telling the audience what you’re planning to discuss during your speech is called:


Question 17



The characteristic of spoken language that refers to how ideas are arranged in a sentence is called:

Question 18



Imagery involves creating a vivid description through the use of one or more of our five senses.

Question 19



Which of the following phrases is NOT considered a signal?

Question 20



Often the best humor for speeches comes from your own experiences.

Question 21



Jesse Jackson’s line, “We cannot be what we ought to be if we push dope in our veins, rather than hope in our brains,” is an example of antithesis.

Question 22



The arrangement of a series of words, phrases or sentences in a similar form is referred to as:

Question 23



Your audience is more likely to agree on the connotative definition of a word than it’s denotative definition.

Question 24



Putting too much information on note cards can result in:

Question 25



Which of the following is a guideline for EMPHASIS?

Question 26



Which of the following IS NOT true regarding rate of speech?

Question 27



Which of the following is a guideline for physical movement?



Question 28



According to your text, no other aspect of nonverbal communication is more important than:

Question 29



Which of the following is an aspect of physical delivery?

Question 30



What should a speaker avoid doing when she or he wishes to engage in effective eye contact during a speech?

COMS 101 Quiz 4
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