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Site Selection:There are plentyof active construction sitesin NYC(active means visible incomplete work), but your teamcan choose aproject in any city as long asyou have at least oneteam member living thereto take the videos and/or photos that will be required.Safely Visible Requirement:The project should be highly visible from safe vantage points.  Do not enter any construction sites!High rise apartment buildings are examples of construction that would be visible in this way. However, teams are free to select another type of project that meets the safely visiblecriterion. Content:Your video shouldbe an explanation of anything and everything that can be directly seen on an active construction site as well as anything that you can logically infer from what you see.  Recall the breakout session exercisesthat we did during our first class. Think of those, but more in-depth. The video should provide many images or videos of construction but with narration rather than text providing the explanation.  grading on originality and your ability to discuss multiple construction means and methods, systems and construction management topics based on specific things that you can see and are showing us onyour construction site.  The more specific, actual construction that you can discuss, the better.For example, if you see formwork andcan identify the specific manufacturer and model and what is being formed, that would be great.  On a hypotheticalproject, one might say something like:oThe formwork we’re looking at is manufactured by Doka.  It appears to be a climbing system and is being used to construct the concrete cores on the north and south sides of the building.  Markings on the formwork indicate that is the Doka SKE100 plus climbing systems.  The Doka website describes the SKE plus formwork as “hydraulic climbing formwork” that is “crane-independent climbing formwork for
Construction TechniquesTerm Project Video Explaining an Active Construction Project                                                                                    structures of any shape and height”. The 100 designation indicates… [continue] Source: may include a maximum of 1 minute at the start of your video to provide general information about the project that is not something visible.  For example, a description of the developer and designer, the neighborhood, the intended use of the building, when started, projected finish date, etc.Otherwise, all of the narration should apply to something that we directly see in your video or is implicit to something we see in the video.Nearly all ofthe images and video should be photos/video you took of that specific project.  e.g. not images off the internet.A rare exception might be an aerial view showing the overall location.The accompanying transcript should be in MS Word format.  I do not want it in report format.  I do not care about grammar.  It should simply be your original description of what we are specifically looking at in your video. I should be able to follow-along using the transcript with every word I hear in the video. Essentially, it is your script. It maybe checked using anti-plagiarism software to ensure that it has not been copied from Wikipedia or other sources

Construction technics
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