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Please watch the video “Slavery by No other Name” below, I have also attached it in a PDF if the link does not work.
Video is Approx 1 hr & 24 mins

Instructions: Please watch the video and make your own response & reactions toward the video. No need to have a works cited; as it is a response toward the video.

If you need to refer back to the video you may write it  in your essay.

Please make reponse flowy and conversational as other students will be reponsing back to your response. I welcome your thoughts, reflections, and insights.

Here are some suggestions to get you jump-started. You might want to start your post with, What I found most alarming about the video was . . . then substantiate your response by explaining or elaborating upon specific scenes in the video. 

Alternatively, you could respond to a question along these lines:  Why was the convict leasing system described as being worse than slavery? In what ways was it a more exploitative system of coerced labor? What are some of the factors that made resistance to the convict labor system nearly impossible? What was the legal justification of this system, and how did it shape African Americans understanding of Emancipation?

Convict Leasing system
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