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We have covered in class the topic Corporate leadership and discussed various examples of how companies contribute to their socieites.
Please share one example of corporate leadership and community services from your surroundings, i.e. companies in Kuwait that practice community leadership, or your own participation as volunteers.
Watch the deadline and cut-off date.
Write a paragraph, no longer than 400 words, answering the following questions:

What company engages in what activity to contribute to the corporate citizenship?
How is this relevant to the Kuwaiti society?
What benefits or values does the company gain?
If you are talking about your own experience, then you answer from your perspective in the first-person-narrative.
Grading will cover the structure, coherence and language of your contribution.
The assignment will give you 5% of the overall course grade.

Format and Layout for your submission:
Only pdf-files are accepted (do not try to upload word files, then complain to me it does not upload)
The contribution should not exceed 400 words
It should engage with all three questions posed.
You can inlcude supporting material, like pictures or logo image of the company, without exceeding one page.

Corporate Leadership in Kuwait
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