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The work submitted will include a (10 minute) audio recording with the following components/ a written speech 850 words
    A clearly identified client with whom you intend to work, together with the client details and a summary of the presenting issues. Do not merely provide the description of the Case Scenario as provided to you.
    Describe the problem(s) according to your assessment of the situation and provide a Case or Problem Formulation. This formulation needs to be couched in language that leads logically to the choice of a Solution-focussed intervention for working with the client.
    Provide a rationale for using Solution-focussed intervention and describe the process of intervention you would undertake with the client, together with your reasoning.
    Provide a critically reflective commentary on your responses to this scenario which should include reference to you values, beliefs, experiences and sense of self in this scenario.

Marks will be awarded as follows:
Clarity of case description with clearly identified client, together with provision of client details as required in case notes, PLUS clarity of description of an identified presenting problem with a statement of the case formulation. 8/30
Discussion of the philosophy/underlying principles of Solution Focussed Therapy PLUS a well-articulated rationale for the use of this approach. 10/30
Critically reflective commentary that encompasses observations of self in terms of values, preferences, aspects of the case that might be difficult and responses you would have to this case scenario. 8/30
Referencing, clarity of arguments and discussion, structure of audio presentation. 4/30

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