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In this case study, you will examine the essential elements of an incidents impacts that must be understood by emergency management leaders, to both scale the response and transition into recovery.  A Situation Report is an essential tool for providing condensed/consolidated overviews of an incident, including impacts to the community, and status of current operations.  Sometimes referred to as SitReps, they may only be reviewed by those within your response organization or may be accessible to the public; “accurate” and “professional” are absolutely essential ingredients!

Using the incident you selected for your final paper (COVID-19 from when it started in the United States around February-April 2020) , develop a Situation Report, no more than 3 pages of content (references can be the fourth page).  This Situation Report is intended to be read by the Chief Elected Official (CEO) of the jurisdiction impacted by your incident, and must concisely and efficiently brief the CEO on the incidents impacts.  Pretend that I am your jurisdictions CEO and I have less than 5 minutes to be briefed on the incident prior to walking into a response and recovery planning meeting with you, the Emergency Manager.
Consider the failures of initiative identified in the Hurricane Katrina response and ensure you provide enough and appropriate content to assist “our jurisdiction” with not making some of the same mistakes.  You should be focusing information about the response, just prior to us transitioning to recovery (e.g. life safety, protecting property and protecting the environment).
This is an opportunity for creativity.  Use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, similar versions of each, etc.  Graphics, bullets, tables, charts are all great examples of packaging up information for visual impact and quick review.  This should not look or read like a typical paper; avoid paragraphs of text.

You must include references and in-text citations; this is both essential for academic integrity and real world application for validating and updating information.  Other than citations and references, APA formatting does not apply to this assignment.  For quick reference guide on in-text citations/references:

Below are several, very diverse, examples of Situation Reports:

FEMA Daily Operations Briefing September 30th, 2020
World Health Organization Ebola
Dept. of Energy 2017 Hurricanes
National Interagency Coordination Center –

COVID-19 Situation Report
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