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·        Create a visually engaging, professionally designed PowerPoint presentation (10-15 slides).

·        Include a reference slide with a minimum of six reputable sources (e.g., trade magazines, academic journals, professional/government websites).

·        Include speaking notes for each slide. 

·        Documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines.

·        This is a business presentation is for the company Apple Inc. The goal is to generally summarize a business plan in the form of a PowerPoint.


Slide Content:

1.     Briefly describe the context of Apple Inc (Brief history/introduction, who they are, what they do).

2.     Articulate the vision, mission, and strategy for Apple Inc.

3.     Describe the nature of the business opportunity (how/why they are successful).

4.     Environmental analysis (competition, industry trends, forecast).

5.     Describe the target market.

6.     Identify the size of your potential target market.

7.     SWOT analysis (use a two by two table).

8.     Describe the 4Ps of marketing for Apple (product/positioning, pricing, promotion, and placement).

9.     Describe Apple’s supply chain. Where does Apple bring value in this supply chain?

10.   Identify Apple’s main partners and suppliers. What are their locations?

11.   Identify the key financial ratios used to measure the performance of the organization to determine success.

12.   Identify potential issues that may prevent the company from succeeding and provide contingency plans to address the potential setbacks.

13.   What role does leadership play in the success of Apple? (identify potential strengths/weaknesses, and hurdles leaders may face).

14.   Summery/closing slide if needed.


Slides do not have to be in that exact order but should generally flow from one to another. More than one slide can be used per question if needed.

Create a PowerPoint presentation (10-15 slides) summarizing a business plan for the company Apple Inc.
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